Naturopathy involves every element of our life.

Naturopathy is “the path towards nature”. It finds balance in our physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual health. Recognized and supported by the World Health Organization, it has some similarities to Ayurvedic Medicine and Oriental Healing practices in general, as naturopathy treats your body as a whole, rather than concentrating on relieving the symptoms of a single issue. It teaches you how to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Our ancestors knew the healing power of plants. 
Naturopaths have knowledge of medicinal herbs as well as an understanding of the medical value of plants. A wide range of acute or chronic ailments can be addressed. The naturopath can advise and concoct, with professional authority, a personalized combination of liquid herbal extracts or herbal supplement preparations that will complement your healthy diet.

The naturopath is also knowledgeable in various flower remedies. Flower essences were used in ancient Egypt as well as India, Asia, South America, and by the Australian Aboriginals. These treatments were rediscovered and popularized by the British Dr. Edward Bach in the early part of the 20th century. Flower essences work quickly and profoundly, addressing psychological, spiritual, and physical states to bring about harmony. When emotional balance is restored by the flower essence, true healing can occur. Dr. Bach suggested that the physical illness is actually a message from our higher self, calling for a change in our mental outlook and way of living. Positive qualities that reside deep inside us are brought forth, and emotional blocks are removed by the essences. Their activation allows us to replace fear with courage, insecurity with self-confidence, and hatred with love, renewing our passion for life.

In a consultation, you will find some understanding about your health and receive a personalized plan to reach your goals.

*All consultations available via Skype*

1 hour private naturopathic consultation

1 hour private nutritional consultation
1 hour private Flower Remedies consultation

(Additional fees for the flower remedies)

Insurance receipts available.

Chakra balancing session 90$

Energy healing is an extremely effective technique for stress release and total relaxation. A sense of peace, vitality, and joy combined with the extremely pleasant feeling of security are common experiences. Energy healing accelerates the body’s natural healing power and opens the mind, body and spirit to balance on an emotional and mental level. It is a nurturing energy that harmonizes the mind, body and soul.