Therapeutic Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga Therapy integrates the centuries-old medical art of Yoga with mainstream medicine. Contemporary health sciences back up the rich experiential basis of Yoga Therapy with a substantial body of research evidence that promotes an even deeper understanding and acceptance of Yoga as medicine. Moreover, Yoga applied therapeutically is quickly growing worldwide as an essential part of medical rehabilitation, complementary medicine, and alternative medicine, as well as programs for well-being and self-development.


Yoga has been proven to work where science has difficulties reaching. Yoga Therapy has been shown to be particularly efficient in treating syndromes, stress-induced diseases, anxiety, depression, disease prevention, supporting the immune system, and ailments of a complex nature or with an unidentifiable cause.


You might be asking yourself how Yoga can do all of this. The secret why Yoga works is that rather than suppressing your symptoms, a precise Yogic Health Assessment will allow the practitioner to advise you practices to enhance your body's self-healing capacities and reestablishing balance. Moreover, Yoga penetrates to the deep emotional-mental layers that could be causing your disease thus tackling the disease at its origin.



Modern studies prove Yoga to be especially beneficial for:


  • Stress reduction and stress-induced diseases


  • Maintaining good general health, with emphasis on the prevention of disease 


  • Harmonious aging and maintaining ROM


  • Healthy lifestyle, fitness, flexibility, and posture


  • Psychological and emotional health: depression, panic attacks, anxiety, trauma, ...


  • Rehabilitation and addiction problems


  • Complimentary treatment in chronic diseases


  • Supporting the immune system and assisting the body's natural self-healing capacities


  • Helping you to deal with the side effects of conventional treatments


  • Feminine sexual health and pelvic floor reeducation


An individualized Yoga Therapy Program can consist of:


  • Asanas


  • Exercise programs & recommendations


  • Breathing techniques


  • Relaxation techniques


  • Meditation and specifically adapted applications in healing


  • Purification techniques


  • Lifestyle modifications 


  • Dietary concepts, modifications, and individualized recommendations


  • Referrals (medical, professional, and alternative sector)​

Designed for all levels. This class is slow, meditative and focused on lengthening the body's deep connective tissues. Yoga therapy is a holistic healing practice of alignment and awareness. Our classes are designed to empower you with the tools to recover from a full range of muscular-skeletal injuries and limitations. Postures are held for extended periods to encourage deep releases. A great class for beginners, athletes, active individuals as well as those working with a lot of tension and stress in their bodies.