Natasha Coulombe

Natasha Coulombe in brief

  • Naturopathy
  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Wellness
  • Energy Healing
  • Alkaline Nutrition
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Born in British Columbia, Natasha Coulombe comes from a family tradition of medicine and nature.  For Natasha, everything is connected - every action, whether physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual affects a person's life and health.  Also, every action we take as beings in this world affects Mother Earth, as we are affected by Mother Earth.


Natasha is dedicated to her practice of offering guidance and insight to her clients and helping them find their own path towards optimal and overall health.  Natasha’s approach is both modern and traditional, incorporating lessons from her many diplomas, certifications and studies in the fields of holistic health, as well as inspired by her first nations ancestors.

Yoga and Travels

Natasha has been practicing yoga for over ten years, and has been called to travel to many countries including Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Peru, Philippines...  She holds a diploma in naturopathy, as well as a number of other certifications in the field.   She lives in Montreal and offers consultations, lectures and workshops in holistic health and wellness. 



Strong listener



Positive and grounding energy

Strong interpersonal and organizational skills

Calm presence