Privacy Policy & Terms

1. Reservations

We invite you to contact us through email or phone in order to let us know which program or retreat you would like to attempt. Personalised programs can be created for your own needs. At the moment of reservation a 350$ deposit is mandatory to keep your spot. The final payment must be fulfilled 60 days prior to arrival for the program or retreat.

2. Cancellations

2.1 If Asanature must cancel a program or retreat, all the money given will be refund without penalty.

2.2 If the client has to cancel all or part of the program here are the penalties he is exposed to:

  • more than 60 days prior from departure: the 350$ deposit

  • between the 60th and the 15th day prior to departure, 50% of the program total value;

  • less than 15 days prior from departure :100% of the program;


2.3 The cancellation delay is calculated from the date Asanature received a formal written request for a program. No verbal request or demand will be considered. In order to determine the cancellation delay, the start date of the program will not be included in the count.


3. Modifications of the program

At all time prior to departure , the client can modify the contract by upgrading his accommodation or adding services or products to his actual program, either getting a better room or extending the duration of the program without cancellation.  Asanature does not guaranty that the modifications will be done within the 60 days prior to the date of the program. If the client wants to modify his program with a lower cost than the previous one, the client face the same penalty mentioned in 2.2 in the same proportions as if it would be a cancellation.


4. Insurance coverage

We strongly recommend to all participants to insure themselves for any risk associated with travel in foreign country, especially regarding medical care and hospital fees, luggage lost, etc. Asanature encourages his clients to insure themselves with cancellation insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to take this kind of protection. Asanature cannot be taken responsible for anything if the client does not register to any insurance.


5. Advertised price

Unless there is a clear indication, all prices are in Canadian dollars. They are subject to change or readjust without warning due to fluctuation of currency exchange, price of transport, lodging, taxes or other reasons. Asanature guaranty all the prices as indicated on the website or any document produced by us only at the moment we received the final payment for the program.


6. Visits, excursions and activities

The visits, excursions and activities proposed during the program were possible at the time of publishing the document or uploading the website. In the eventuality of any change before the beginning date of the program, the activity can be reschedule, cancelled or replaced by another similar one of a same value.


Asanature has the right; if the security or the interest of the client is jeopardized, to modify the program. In this extreme case, in no circumstance the client will be informed immediately and there would not be any prejudices to the client.


7. Responsabilities


7.1 Asanature will not be responsible towards the client for any type of reclamation, damage and/or cost from physical injuries, accident, death, damage or lost of property, bad weather, strike, terrorism, war or any other impredictible causes at the moment of travel or forgotten the mandatory travelling document (passport, visas...) for the travel.


7.2 The participant commits to the directives related to the program. In the case that a participant has a prejudicial behaviour towards another participant(s), and pursue after a clear warning from the teacher, the client will be expulsed from the program and will have to assume to cost of his behaviour including all expenses for accommodation, food and transportation. If a participant is expulsed, Asanature will not reimburse any amount paid by the participant.


7.3 The client who wants to produce a claim has to do it by email addressed to Asanature within fourteen days after the program.


7.4 In the case of a fraud, error or omission from Asanature related to our unability to provide a service or an aspect of the description of a program, our responsibility is strictly limited to the price of the specific package.


8. Interpretation and juridiction

The contract is to be interpreted within the laws of the province of Quebec and all litigation will be submitted to the province of Quebec court. The nullity in all or in part of a clause in this contract does not affect the validity of all clauses.