Yoga Therapy For Lower Back
Yoga Therapy For Lower Back

Are you among the millions who are experiencing lower back pain? Here’s an opportunity to change and empower yourself. 

Over 80% of Westerners will at some point in their life experience lower back pain. It is the #1 reason for medical assistance and intake of painkiller.
-International Association for the Study of Pain 

Join yoga therapist and instructor Antoine Garceau as he guides you in understanding the physical, psychological and spiritual origins of lower back pain, along with powerful therapeutic answers and solutions. 

In Antoine's workshop, you will learn: 

• The physical, postural and psychological origins of lower back pain 
• The anatomy and physiology affecting the back 
• Trauma influence 
• Get the yoga sequence for the lower back and the hips on printed sheets 
• Pranayama to help with lower back pain 
• Nutrition and lifestyle suggestions