Yoga Therapy For Wrists, Shoulders & Neck

Human bodies were never designed to sit at desks and operate computers 8 hours a day. Muscle imbalances caused by too much sitting, typing and monitor gazing can create chronic problems throughout the body. The problem is that both laws of physics and physiology are colliding, creating undesirable results: discomfort, pain and suffering.

The wrists, the shoulders and the neck are the upper back extensions which is connected to the heart. How can we bring more balance between a thight chest and a weak upper back? How can we quantify the effects of our thoughts, emotions and actions on our relationships with ourselves, our beloved ones and our social environment?

Here’s an opportunity to change and empower yourself. 

Join yoga therapist and instructor Antoine Garceau as he guides you into understanding the physical, psychological and spiritual origins of upper back pain, along with enlightening therapeutic answers and solutions. 

In this workshop, you will learn: 
• The physical, postural and psychological origins of upper back pain 
• Anatomy and physiology affecting the upper back 
• Trauma influence
• Get the yoga sequence for the wrists, shoulders and neck on printed sheets 
• Pranayama to help monitor upper back pain 
• Nutrition and lifestyle suggestions